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Gray Gaulding planning return to SS Green Light Racing

Interviewed by Mark Kristl at Gray Gaulding saw he will return to the #08 of SS Green Light Racing next season.

Kristl: To confirm, you are going to return to this team next year?

Gaulding: That’s the plan. Obviously there are a lot of details we need to get worked out. We’ve got plenty of time before the offseason hits.

I want to be back here and if we raise a little bit more sponsorship money, we can beat these big teams. We’ve already done it a few times this year. I think we can do it more on a consistent basis. Having ECR engines, every single tire during a race weekend, and maybe buy a few newer cars cause our cars aren’t that new. That would definitely help. I’m living in the moment for now, but I think I will be back next year.

On Indy 500:

Eventually, in my career, I would love to run the Indianapolis 500. I’ve run the Daytona 500, I’ve run the Brickyard, I’ve run the Bristol night race and Southern 500. I’ve run all the crown jewels. To add this to the list in a little bit of a different style with Indy would be pretty special.