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50 Money Team

Boxer Floyd Mayweather involved with new Cup team? UPDATE Team looking at 2020

UPDATE: According to reports, the team skipped Homestead, but is working on a program for 2020.

UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon, the site has been replaced with a message stating “More Info Coming Soon.”

Click here to see an archived copy of the site.

ORIGINAL POST: No real details are available other than a general website and some social media links.

A car shown on the site has a Monster logo on the windshield. The schedule page does list Homestead-Miami Speedway this year.

Domain records show was registered back in May.

A team Facebook page was created in April of last year and has only 7 likes currently. An Instagram account is private. The Money Team Racing Twitter account was created in June, has 14 followers and has never tweeted.