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DAYTONA BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 22:  The #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet of Danica Patrick goes through inspection during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 57th Annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 22, 2015 in Daytona Beach, Florida.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images)

April 22 – Today in Jayski’s NASCAR history

With NASCAR on a temporary hiatus, news is going to be slow in the coming weeks. To help fill the NASCAR void, we plan on taking you on a daily trip down memory lane spanning the years since the Jayski’s site inception. Using our news archives pages, here’s a look back at what’s happened on this date through the last 23 years in NASCAR:

This day in NASCAR history: April 22

Years we have pulled today’s main items from: 2016, 2015, 2010,2008,2003, 2001, 1997

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  • NASCAR will take another look at lug nut rules: In the face of increasing driver criticism about safety, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller said Friday afternoon that the sanctioning body will re-examine its lug nut rules. "Until this point, we’ve never really had too much trouble," said Miller. Miller said Friday that NASCAR will continue to engage in discussions with the teams and drivers and decide whether a change needs to be made. "Since the drivers are now questioning it, it’s time for us to kind of re-evaluate our position and work with the community on looking at possibly different ways to enforce the pit-road rules," Miller said. Miller did not off a timetable for evaluating the rules. "The teams are obviously pushing harder than they ever have in this area," said Miller. "And it’s time for us to take a look at it, but we’ll do that as an industry. The open dialog is very good right now between NASCAR and the teams, so we’ll work internally and with them to move forward here."(Fox Sports)(4-22-2016)


  • NASCAR issues memo about inspection process: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Director Richard Buck was DAYTONA BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 22: The #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet of Danica Patrick goes through inspection during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 57th Annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 22, 2015 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images)expected to send a memo to teams by Thursday that formalized penalties for failing to pass inspection at the start of the race weekend, before qualifying and before the race. In a draft of the memo acquired by NBC Sports, Buck wrote to teams: "Based on the data that we have collected thus far in 2015, we have identified several trends. One trend in particular highlights the failure rate during inspections. In an effort to ensure all competitors an equal and fair opportunity to participate, we will be implementing the following:"
    All cars must pass initial inspection and receive a final sticker to be eligible to practice.
    Cars that fail qualifying inspection twice will receive a written warning.
    Cars that fail qualifying inspection three times also will be penalized 15 minutes of practice time at the next event.
    Cars that fail pre-race inspection twice will receive a written warning.
    Cars that fail pre-race inspection three times also will be penalized 15 minutes of practice time at the next event.
    Buck wrote in the memo: "Based on the above, there WOULD HAVE BEEN 9 written warnings issued at Bristol and an additional 3 competitors that would have received time penalties." NASCAR’s rule book states that multiple warnings to the same member or team can lead to a P1 penalty.(NBC Sports)(4-22-2015)


  • Harvick: Burned Bridges with RCR?: Richard Childress Racing has probably lost its faint chance to keep Kevin Harvick on the heels of Wednesday’s devastating announcement that Shell/Pennzoil is moving to Penske Racing in 2011 to sponsor Kurt Busch in the Sprint Cup Series. RCR already faced a serious, uphill challenge in trying to retain Harvick, who is in the final year of his contract, even if it had managed to hold onto Pennzoil, sponsor of Harvick’s #29 since 2007. Harvick, according to multiple sources reached by SI.com but never confirmed by the driver, wanted out of RCR at the end of last season, but team owner Richard Childress held him to the contract. The duo came out strong out of the gate this season – they led the points after five races and are currently fourth, 141 behind Jimmie Johnson – but the sour feelings between the two haven’t changed. "Kevin has burned all his bridges here," said a source requesting anonymity following the news of Shell’s departure. The source reiterated the chances of Childress and Harvick dissolving their marriage were close to 100%. Harvick is the top free agent driver on the market. His preferred destination is Stewart-Haas Racing, where he’d have Hendrick equipment. Tony Stewart is on the record as wanting to expand to three cars next season, dependent upon sponsorship. With Harvick to sell and the broad range of commercial possibilities available through the team’s partner-like association with Hendrick, Stewart-Haas has far greater ability to find a sponsor for Harvick. Kasey Kahne’s decision to join Rick Hendrick’s organization in 2012 has led to widespread speculation that he’ll be at Stewart-Haas in 2011. Kahne certainly will be in Hendrick equipment next season and it’s the logical place. The other possibility would be for Hendrick to ask Mark Martin to vacate the #5 a year early to go to Stewart-Haas. In either situation, it would require Stewart-Haas to run four cars in 2011. That ‘s not beyond the team’s reach and it’s where Stewart wants to get eventually.(Sports Illustrated), so which team would be better?
    Hendrick: Gordon, Johnson, Earnhardt Jr. & Martin…or Stewart Haas: Stewart, Newman. Kahne & Harvick?(4-22-2010)


  • Office Depot negotiating with Roush; if not UPS could replace: MORE Office Depot is in the midst of an exclusive 60-day negotiating period to extend its sponsorship of Carl Edwards’ #99 Ford, but industry sources say that UPS is waiting in the wings to make a run at the hot Roush Fenway Racing driver.(SportsBusinessJournal.com-sub)(4-21-2008)
    UPDATE: Office Depot is in the final year of its three-year deal with the #99 team. Edwards and Roush Fenway appear to be in position to push the first of many sponsor dominoes in the coming four to six weeks. If Office Depot, which has used Edwards out front for its annual "Official Small Business of NASCAR" promotion, doesn’t have a 2008 99d500 08 Edwardsdeal done by mid-May, industry sources say UPS will pursue sponsorship of Edwards’ car. UPS has been considering several options, from staying at Michael Waltrip Racing to Edwards to Jeff Burton’s #31, which is scheduled to lose AT&T as its primary sponsor at the end of this season, but sources said Edwards has emerged as the top option. The issue between Office Depot and Roush Fenway, sources said, is the price tag for the #99 car has increased significantly from three years ago when Edwards was considered more of an up-and-comer than a bona fide star. If Edwards stays in the # 99 as expected, Roush Fenway hopes to extract $22 million to $24 million a year in the next contract, sources said, a significant step up from the deal Office Depot signed three years ago in the $14 million to $15 million range annually. It’s uncertain how aggressively Office Depot will pursue another three years on the #99 at the higher price. The office supply retailer is embroiled in a proxy fight with a shareholder group that is attempting to oust CEO Steve Odland from the company’s board after an 85 percent drop in fourth-quarter net earnings year-over-year. Office Depot’s stock price has dropped from a high of $37.05 nearly a year ago to $11.51 at Monday’s close, which has prompted questions about its ability to win a bidding war for the #99 car. John Miller, a former Roush marketing executive who now owns his own agency, Xceed Sports Marketing, is representing Office Depot in these negotiations.(Sports Business Journal/SceneDaily.com)(4-22-2008)

2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Schemes


  • New Jersey [Jayski’s current homebase] driver to debut with Earnhardt team in Busch race at RIR: Martin Truex, Jr. is hoping to take advantage of an opportunity he describes as "once in a lifetime." He will pilot Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #8 Chevy for Chance 2 Motorsports, a team owned by Earnhardt Jr and his stepmother, Teresa. Truex Jr.’s first race with the team will be the Hardee’s 250 "under the lights" on Friday, May 2 at Richmond International Raceway. How Earnhardt Jr. picked Truex Jr. to drive for him is remarkable. "You know, 2003 8rock Rewe didn’t really have a handful of guys to pick from, so we just kind of sat down and talked about it," Earnhardt Jr. said. "Richie Gilmore, our engine builder at DEI, mentioned Martin as a guy we should look at. I met him down here for the first time last year. He’s a pretty quiet, soft-spoken kind of guy but he has obvious talent and he seems like a good guy to work with. He’s been to the shop and our guys pitted his car at Nashville last week so he has gotten familiar with them." The team got to know each other even better this past week when Earnhardt Jr. and Truex Jr. were at Richmond International Raceway on April 15 for a test session. "This is our first official test together and it went really good," Earnhardt Jr. said. "This is the same car we that we ran here last year that we led all those laps with," Earnhardt Jr. said of the FUNAI 250 race he dominated at Richmond International Raceway last September. "The car seems to be just as fast. I ran a couple of laps this morning and Martin matched my laps all day, so we are pretty excited," Earnhardt Jr. said. Despite having more experience in a NASCAR Busch North Series car that uses a more forgiving bias-ply tire as opposed to the radial tires used in the NASCAR Busch Series, Truex Jr. is confident he will do well. "I feel really comfortable in the car," Truex Jr. said. "The biggest thing I have to learn is the tires. I have a little bit of experience running on these tires, so I’m probably one step ahead if I hadn’t run any Busch races with my own stuff. But I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to coming back for the race." Earnhardt Jr. plans to run Truex Jr. in as many as seven races this season, but says Truex’s future with the team is up to his new protégé. "We are giving him an opportunity to step into some good equipment and I feel like the combination of him and the car are going to be great when we come back to Richmond to race. I’m concerned about the difference in the radial tire, but watching him today proves to me that he can do the job. It takes a driver a while to build up to the difference in the tires and you have to take it easy. He’s done that and to me that is a sign that he’s using his head." Truex Jr., who won six poles in the NASCAR Busch North Series last season and competed in four NASCAR Busch Series events in 2002, knows that this is his big chance. "My father (former NASCAR Busch North champion Martin Truex, Sr.) has fielded cars for me since I was 11. It’s a chance of a lifetime and a lot of guys like me dream about it every day. This is real fortunate for me to have this opportunity and I’m going to try make the best of it."(RIR PR)(4-22-2003)

2003 Busch Series Paint Schemes


  • The Yellow Line: Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, during the pre-race drivers meeting, sternly made his point to the 43 competitors and crew chiefs assembled in the room. He let them know where the sanctioning body stood on reckless driving during the 500-mile event. "If we (NASCAR) feel a move below, or move coming from below the yellow line was unnecessary – you can look for a black flag," he said authoritatively. "Be prepared, and we’ll see you at the trailer after the race and let you know how much of your argument we’ll listen to." Helton was referring to the yellow line on the low side of the racing surface that separates it from the apron. In prior races on this 2.66-mile high-banked oval, drivers have been known to make aggressive moves in that area to gain positions(NASCAR.com). Who got black flagged? #19-Casey Atwood, #66-Todd Bodine, #31-Mike Skinner(4-22-2001)


  • From the USA Today Sports: Julius "Dr. J" Erving is partnering with former NFL running back Joe Washington and two North Carolina executives to form the Washington Erving Group, which will form NASCAR teams for 1998. They have already talked with Ford and Pontiac and are trying to capitalize on the marketing and merchandising potential and the opportunity to bring racial and gender diversity to a rapidly growing sport. They plan to start with an established driver and groom minority drivers for a possible multicar team(4-22-97)

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