Goodyear Fast Facts — Indianapolis

NASCAR Cup Series – Race No. 16 – 160 laps / 400 miles
Indianapolis Motor Speedway (2.5-mile oval) – Indianapolis, Ind.
Fast Facts for July 5, 2020

Tire: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials

Set limits:
Cup: 9 sets for the race

Tire Codes:
Left-side — D-4870;
Right-side — D-4876

Tire Circumference:
Left-side — 2,227 mm (87.68 in.);
Right-side — 2,241 mm (88.23 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation:
Left Front — 18 psi; Left Rear — 18 psi;
Right Front — 42 psi; Right Rear — 38 psi

Storyline – Teams must respect the high loads generated at Indianapois: The downforce package the NASCAR Cup cars will run at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this week is hard on tires, with high loads generated down the long straightaways. This year’s race will be run at much higher ambient temperatures than last year and that, combined with the fact that teams will have no practice to tune in their set-ups, will make the search for grip an important factor.  Teams will have to respect the high loads they will be generating by observing Goodyear’s recommended air pressures.

“Indy is a very tricky place to get right for a stock car,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing.  “Last year’s race was run in unseasonably cool temperatures in the low 70s with overcast skies, so there was plenty of grip.  This week’s forecast is for 90-degree temperatures and teams will be looking for grip on a hot, slick track and tires will be a key factor.  With no practice, and the Xfinity cars running on the road course and not the oval this year, teams will have to tread lightly going into this race.  The one benefit they do have is that they ran this same tire set-up at Pocono last weekend.”

 Notes – Cup teams on Pocono tire set-up at Indy: For the NASCAR Cup cars this week, they will be running the same right-side tire code they ran at Indianapolis last season, with a new left-side code . . . this left-side tire features a construction update compared to what was run at The Brickyard in 2019 . . . this is the same combination of left- and right-side tires these teams ran in both races at Pocono last weekend . . . as on all NASCAR ovals greater than one mile in length, teams are required to run inner liners on all four tire positions at Indianapolis . . . air pressure in those inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

NASCAR Xfinity Series – Race No. 13 – 62 laps / 151 miles
Indianapolis Motor Speedway (2.439-mile road course) – Indianapolis, Ind.
Fast Facts for July 4, 2020

Tire: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials

Set limits:
Xfinity: 2 sets for practice, 5 sets for the race

Tire Codes (same on all four tire positions):

Tire Circumference: 
2,250 mm (88.58 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation:
Left Front — 22 psi; Right Front — 20 psi;
Left Rear — 17 psi; Right Rear — 17 psi

Notes – Xfinity teams to run Mid-Ohio/Road America tire set-up on Indy road course: This is the first race for NASCAR Xfinity cars on the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway . . . they will run the same Goodyear tire code on all four tire positions . . . this tire has been run by Xfinity teams on the Mid-Ohio and Road America road courses last season . . . as on all NASCAR road courses, teams will not run inner liners in their tires at Indianapolis.

Wet Weather Tires – White-lettered tires on hand: Goodyear will bring its wet weather radials for use by Xfinity Series teams at Indianapolis, should NASCAR decide that conditions warrant . . . teams are allowed up to four sets of “wets” for the event – two sets for practice and two sets for the race . . . this tire was last run by NASCAR Xfinity Series teams at Watkins Glen in 2018 . . . in addition to the obvious difference of a tread pattern versus Goodyear’s dry weather “slick” tires, the “Goodyear” and “Eagle” lettering on the sidewalls of the wet weather tires is white, not the standard yellow.

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