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The Scene Vault: Larry McReynolds’ First Wins at Robert Yates Racing

By Rick Houston

Larry McReynolds, Davey Allison and Robert Yates Racing seemed like the perfect match, right from their very first test laps together.

That kind of lofty promise was fulfilled when Allison won the 1991 The Winston all-star race in completely dominant fashion — he led all 70 laps and was nearly three seconds ahead of runnerup Ken Schrader at the checkered flag. McReynolds had reason to be thrilled, of course, but there was more on his mind than just a race win.

A lot more.

His wife Linda was in the hospital, pregnant with their son, Brandon. The due date wasn’t for another four weeks or so, but Brandon wasn’t waiting around. Born that Tuesday, McReynolds was left to juggle preparations for the next week’s Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, the couple’s toddler daughter Brooke and shuttling back and forth to the hospital to check on Linda and Brandon. Allison was again stout in the 600, and won again over second-place Schrader.

Just before the start of the race, McReynolds received word that Linda and Brandon were to be released from the hospital that day. After getting his car through tech following the race, McReynolds hustled to the hospital to pick up Linda and Brandon.

Larry Mac, Davey, Robert and the rest of the RYR organization were just getting started.

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