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Nevada Donor Network and Joey Gase team up to raise awareness for organ donation and honor 12 individuals

This Sunday night at Las Vegas Motor Speedway you will see the blue #51 Nevada Donor Network car, but this time it will look a little different. Thanks to Nevada Donor Network, you will see 12 individuals on the car. These are donor heroes, recipients, and individual on the waitlist.  Below is the list of our amazing honorees.

Angel & Jackie Velasquez (Heroic tissue & cornea donors)

Paul Fresquez (Heroic tissue & cornea donor)

Lauren Deschaine (Heroic organ donor)

Cliff Conedy (Heart recipient & donor dad)

Manny Gallegos (Kidney Recipient)

Amy Ortiz (Donor daughter & tissue recipient)

Jarin Fujii (Heroic cornea donor)

Traci Trout (Heroic cornea donor)

Chris Ruby (Heroic tissue donor)

Jarin Fujii (Heroic cornea donor)

Ann McDowell (Donor daughter)

Arlett Valencia (Kidney recipient & waiting list candidate)

Traci Trout (Heroic cornea donor)

Driver Joey Gase became connected to the cause at just 18-years-old when he lost his mother to a brain aneurysm. As the eldest in his family, Gase was faced with the responsibility of deciding whether to donate her organs and tissues.  He made the courageous decision to donate, which healed and saved the lives of others. This experience sparked a fire in Gase to spread the word about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.

“I am so thankful to Nevada Donor Network for teaming up with us this weekend so we can not only race but more importantly raise awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation and honoring all of these amazing people,” said Gase.

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