Ross Chastain tests Next Gen car at Dover

Ross Chastain was testing the wheel force Next Gen car for Chevrolet at Dover International Speedway on Wednesday when the news broke that Chip Ganassi Racing was being sold.

“By Wednesday, we were really close to the current car feel-wise,” Chastain said. “It’s a little slower, a little less power than what we had at Dover and just less grip overall. But little things like steering wasn’t quite keeping up with corner exit, so I was manually steering. I told them, ‘I couldn’t make it 400 laps. I won’t make it. So we found in the data that the power steering wasn’t keeping up, so they’ll go back and tweak it and make it better.

“But starting out Monday, the level of commitment far exceeded the level of traction and I almost crashed on Lap 1—and we just had to tighten the car up. It’s just normal stuff…It’s still a race car. It’s just a totally different design. The springs and shocks all work different but it’s still people being people and people working on race cars.”

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