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All four JD Motorsports cars will honor fallen Daytona Police Department Officer Jason Raynor in Friday's Xfinity Series race at Daytona. (Image from JD Motorsports)

JD Motorsports will Honor Fallen Daytona Police Department Officer Jason Raynor This Weekend

Honor. Respect. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Words that many of our nation’s finest hold dearly within themselves. It is those words that define our men and women in uniform that swore to serve and protect the countless cities across our great nation. With great honor and pride, we honor the memory of Daytona PD Officer, Jason Raynor, this weekend at Daytona International Speedway. All team cars will carry Officer Raynor’s name above the passenger windows, and his call sign, 3Charlie77, on the roof.

Raynor, formerly of Port Orange PD, and recently Daytona Beach PD, succumbed to his injuries on August 17, 2021 after investigating a suspicious vehicle on June 23, 2021 where he sustained a fatal gun shot wound. The suspect has been taken into custody and awaits trial. Florida State Attorney, RJ Larizza, says he will seek the death penalty. Officer Raynor is survived by his parents and sister.

“As a big supporter of our law enforcement officers, it’s important that we, as a team, honor Officer Raynor’s memory at Daytona. He risked his life day in and day out to protect and serve the Daytona Beach community, and for that, we are extremely grateful. I pray his family and friends find comfort during this difficult time.” – Johnny Davis, JD Motorsports Owner

To send support and encouragement to Officer Raynor’s family, as well as the Daytona PD, please consider using these hashtags on social media: #DaytonaStrong #RaynorStrong #DBPDStrong #3Charlie77 #DaytonaBeach #BackTheBlue

— JD Motorsports —