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Ross Chastain Ready for All-Star Race After Trip to Infield Car Center Following Truck Series Race UPDATE

UPDATE: Chastain was asked how he felt Saturday during a media availability:


“I feel good. Odd deal. Looking back and trying to figure out what went wrong and why that happened with our AMR staff and our medical staff that travels with us. They know me, they see me every week. Even whenever I don’t see them, they are walking through the garage and watching us. They see us after crashes when we go to the care center, so as soon as we walked in Kevin’s like yeah man you are dehydrated. We were talking and then last night I got to thinking about my week and I think I just got lazy. I just didn’t hydrate enough. I was fine in the truck; I mean it was hot. It was a hot race, and I went to get out and I went to step out of the truck on the floorboard and my left calf locked up, like it cramped, and then my left hamstring and then my hips both did when I was on the door of the truck. There was somebody from the medical team was there right then and nobody else was even around me. He asked if I was ok, and I told him no. He helped get me out of the truck, like I was already sitting on the door. He got me out and I laid down and felt ok. Then I got up and was like alright I probably need to go on in there if it’s going to cramp that bad. I’ve never had cramping like that and when that amount of pain comes in it creates lightheadedness and all of that. It’s not fun, so I’m not going to let it happen again. With the IV’s last night and what they recommended for water intake today, will probably get some more before the race tomorrow. I’m just staying in contact with the medical team to let them kind of guide me on what they recommend.”

— Team Chevy —

ORIGINAL POST: Ross Chastain made a trip to the infield care center Friday night after the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

He was suffering from dehydration following his 12th place finish in the 220. His legs cramped up and he needed an IV.

He plans to be 100 percent by Saturday evening’s All-Star practice and qualifying session.