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Brett Moffitt #02 RED/ Half Off Wholesale Chevrolet for Nashville, Atlanta, and Homestead. Image Our Motorsports

Rehabilitation Enables Dream, Half Off Wholesale Team Up with Brett Moffitt for Three Races

Our Motorsports and Half Off Wholesale are proud to announce its partnership with Rehabilitation Enables Dreams. Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and restorative justice organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. RED’s mission is keeping people out of the criminal justice system – permanently – through programs that enhance the social, financial, civic, and digital literacy of individuals referred to court.

RED is honored to be partnered with Half Off Wholesale and supported by Brett Moffitt and Our Motorsports. “As our influence grows in the public sector through our restorative justice program, it is crucial for private sector organizations and those with influence to become invested in helping us create better community experiences for everyone,” said David Lee Windecher, Esq., Executive Director & Founder of RED. “We look forward to working together to stop recidivism, lower crime, and positively impact the lives of those touched by the criminal justice system.”

“We at Half Off Wholesale are proud to continue to support Brett Moffitt and Our Motorsports,” said Alex Moreno, owner of Half Off Wholesale. “As a part of something we really have a passion for, we are proud to announce the partnership with RED and Half Off Wholesale for the Nashville, Atlanta, and Homestead races this year. RED is something we support to help lower crimes in the US and to help put an end to recidivism.”

“Half Off Wholesale has been a great partner this year.” said Chris Our, Owner of Our Motorsports. “It’s great to see them partner with RED. They are making an impact in communities all over the country. We are proud to help spread their message.”

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