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Jury rules Greg Biffle did “intrude offensively upon the privacy” of his ex-wife

UPDATE 8-13-2013: Jurors reached a verdict Monday in the civil court case involving former NASCAR driver Greg Biffle.

The jury found Biffle did “intrude offensively upon the privacy” of his ex-wife.

Jurors awarded $1 in damages Monday. The plaintiff was seeking $9 million.

Jurors were also asked to decide if the cameras caused emotional distress. They answered “no.”

Both sides claimed victory after the ruling.

“What the jury said sends a loud message that they don’t believe there was wrong doing,” Biffle said.

The attorney for his ex-wife said it proves Biffle was in the wrong.

A hearing to consider punitive damages is scheduled for next Monday.

— WSOC —

UPDATE 8-3-2018: Former NASCAR Cup series driver Greg Biffle is defending himself in court this week over claims by his ex-wife that he secretly videotaped her and her mother in their bedrooms at the couple’s $2.7 million mansion on Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Nicole Biffle and her mother say in their lawsuit that Greg Biffle “has shown images captured by the hidden cameras to third persons.”

In court Tuesday, Biffle “denied doing anything inappropriate” and testified that his wife knew about the cameras, WSOC-TV reported.

Nicole Biffle says in the lawsuit that she “has suffered loss of appetite, loss of sleep, pain in her abdomen, emotional distress, worry, humiliation, fear … and other anxiety-related conditions” as a result of the alleged secret filming.

Her mother suffered similar health problems, according to the lawsuit, “and was prescribed a drug for anxiety and tension in January 2016 as a result of the stress from being filmed.”

The lawsuit, filed in Mecklenburg County Civil Superior Court in June 2017, seeks at least $100,000 in damages.

— Charlotte Observer —

Original post: 7-31-2018: Former NASCAR driver Greg Biffle took the stand Monday in the civil case filed against him.

Biffle’s ex-wife and her mother are suing him. They claim Biffle had hidden cameras installed in bedrooms and bathrooms, recorded them and showed that video to other people.

The man who installed many of the cameras also took the stand.

Biffle testified briefly before court went into recess. Questioning will pick up Tuesday morning.

— WSOC —