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Patricia Driscoll seeking probation

The woman who wrongly accused NASCAR driver Kurt Busch of domestic violence and was later found to have stolen money from the charity she ran is now asking a Washington DC federal judge to be lenient in his sentencing of her.

Patricia Pauline Driscoll, former executive director of the Armed Forces Foundation, was found guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the organization that helped military members and their families and is now facing between 70 months and 87 months in federal prison, according to documents filed in a Washington DC federal court.

Prosecutors with the United State District Attorney for the District of Columbia laid out their plight to bring Driscoll to justice for her crimes and want to see her behind bars, as well as, paying just under $473,000 in restitution – pointing out that her acts of embezzlement caused the charity to close its doors. Driscoll, however, is seeking probation or even to be enrolled in a more lenient drug rehabilitation program – even though drug use was never a defense used in court when jurors found her guilty of her crimes.

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