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8 APR 2002:    Matt Kenseth drives en route to winning the NASCAR Winston Cup Series SamsungRadio Shack 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. DIGITAL IMAGE - Mandatory Credit: Jon Ferrey/Getty Images
8 APR 2002: Matt Kenseth drives en route to winning the NASCAR Winston Cup Series SamsungRadio Shack 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. DIGITAL IMAGE - Mandatory Credit: Jon Ferrey/Getty Images

April 8 – Today in Jayski’s NASCAR history

April 8, 2007

  • Roush Not Gloating Over Toyota’s Woes: After all the buildup from Detroit rivals about the Toyota monster crushing NASCAR competition, the season so far has seen quite the opposite, with most Toyota teams struggling just to make the fields. But [Jack] Roush isn’t backing away from his quite vocal worries. “I’m not going to gloat over what’s happened, or take any glee in it,” Roush said, “because it’s hard to start a new program, around new people and new drivers and a new manufacturer. And this year’s hardware issues (like the car of tomorrow) make it triple tough. I didn’t expect Toyota to be a factor early on. But the comments I’ve made were not based on what I looked for in the first half of 2007, or even all of 2007, but rather 2008, 2009 and beyond will be a very good time for Toyota, if they continue to have the money they now have available to get the people and technologies. Toyota will get it right … and they will put the rest of us in the back, unless NASCAR is vigilant in its effort to protect against unlimited amounts of money coming into this sport and buying everything of value from the existing teams. If Toyota can do that, there will be an upset the likes of which we have never seen. Right now the good news for the established teams is that the good drivers have all been under contract, and the good crew chiefs and the best crewmen have not been willing to take a chance on an upstart team or a new program. But as time goes on, as the Toyota teams get their legs under them and start to consistently qualify, the more those people who have the talents to make a difference in the programs will be inclined to consider the generous offers they’ve made- offers that will escalate as time goes on.”(Winston-Salem Journal)(4-8-2007)
  • Kevin Parsons Racing in Memory of his Father: Kevin Parsons will be racing with a heavy heart when the green flag drops on the 2007 season [Saturday], but he hopes it doesn’t slow him down. The Myrtle Beach Speedway veteran on the Super Truck Series is the son of 1973 Winston Cup champion and longtime broadcaster Benny Parsons, who died from lung cancer in January at the age of 65. The younger Parsons is doing what his father would have wanted – keep on trucking. “I never would have gotten into racing if it wasn’t for him,” said Parsons, 41, who lives in Ellerbe, N.C. “He instilled the love for the sport in all of us. I never made it to the Cup Series, and that’s fine with me. I just do it for the love of racing.” In honor of if his famous father, Parsons is changing the number on his truck to #72, which Benny raced to the NASCAR title in 1973 and the Daytona 500 crown in 1975. He hopes it might help him to win his first series championship.(Myrtle Beach Sun)(4-8-2007)
  • All Star Challenge in New York’s Times Square: Speed will share its first-ever broadcast of the NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge with visitors to New York’s legendary Times Square on May 19 at 7 p.m. ET, as the network delivers its live and exclusive event coverage to the 1,400-square foot News Astrovision by Panasonic Screen prominently located at One Times Square.(Speed TV PR)(4-8-2007)
  • Harkness Arrested by US Marshalls in NYC: Officials with the U.S. Marshals Service say they have arrested Fatemeh Angela Harkness after she got off a plane from the United Arab Emirates in New York City on Sunday. Harkness is a Round Rock [New York] native who was the subject of an international manhunt by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force. Marshals say Harkness fled just prior to an April 2004 sentencing in which she reportedly plead guilty to involvement in bank fraud totaling $1.3 million. Harkness made a name for herself by owning a NASCAR team with her co-defendant in the case, Gary Jones. [The team was Angela’s Motorsports. They ran at Homestead in 2002 and had hired Mike McLaughlin to drive in 2003 before the plan unraveled.] Jones is currently incarcerated. Police say Harkness, a former stripper, conspired with Jones, a Wells Fargo vice president to embezzle money that helped fund their NASCAR adventures. The business was run from Harkness’ Round Rock home. Harkness was arrested by authorities with the United Arab Emirates in May 2005 — but due to the fact that the country and the U.S. have no extradition treaty, she had not been accessible to U.S. Marshalls until landing at JFK International Airport on Sunday. Marshals say she will face a judge in New York before being returned to Central Texas for trial.(KEYE TV)(4-8-2007)

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