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CHARLOTTE, NC - APRIL 25: Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives a statement announcing his retirement from NASCAR after the 2017 season at the Hendrick Motorsports Team Center on April 25, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images) | Getty Images

April 25 – Today in Jayski’s NASCAR history

April 25, 1997

  • More special paint schemes for The Winston on May 17th. Mike Waltrip’s #21 Citgo will run a dalmatian dog paint scheme, white with black dots in support of Walt Disney’s "101 Dalmatians." Sterling Marlin to run special paint scheme with Kodak(that he will keep as the regular paint scheme), Jeremy Mayfield in the Kmart Kid’s Against Drugs special paint for both the Winston Select and the Coca Cola 600(4-30-97). I also hear that Texaco at a convention at Opryland in Nashville, TN, unveiled the car Ernie Irvan will drive in the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte, 5/25/97 for the 10 year anniversary of Robert Yates Racing – I hear the car looks like Davey Allison’s car did in 1987 with the white, black and gold paint scheme. Jeff Gordon in the Jurrasic Park/Lost World car, Earnhardt in the orange Wheaties #3(4-25-97)
  • Goodyear has signed a three year deal with NASCAR Winston Cup to be the exclusive tire supplier for the Winston Cup, Busch Grand National and NASCAR Craftsman Truck series. That should put to bed any rumor that Firestone will return anytime soon. Also per the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Goodyear officials say they foresee no supply problems as a result a strike by the United Steelworkers (the union also represents rubber workers). The strike, which began at midnight Saturday(4-19-97), affect the company’s Akron, Ohio, plant, where all racing tires are made(4-25-97). Bill France has said that Firestone/Bridgestone have never approached NASCAR, formally or informally, about getting involved in the series again(Firestone was involved in the 60’s and 70’s). Also there may be some type of a ‘merchandising event’ that may include a NASCAR passenger tire(4-26-97)
  • US District Judge William Osteen ruled in Greensboro, NC, on Friday that the FDA can regulate tobacco as a drug. But he said it cannot regulate cigarette advertising, meaning that tobacco company sponsorship of stock car racing can continue.(4-25-97)
  • The JournalNow also reports that Kenny Irwin, Jr. is the Ford choice to be the 2nd Penske driver in 1998(4-21-97) Hmmm….crew chief Robin Pemberton is quoted in the Birmingham PostHerald as saying, "Multiply and conquer? I don’t but that at all, many teams try to justify their deals by pointing to the extra test dates they get. But I don’t know if all the potential headaches and negative stuff that comes along with multiple teams make the testing an advantage.(4-25-97)
  • Per NASCAR Fansite: Jimmy Spencer and Smoking Joe’s to part ways in 1998. Inside NASCAR sources say that Spencer and Smoking joes will part ways in 1998. There is also a good possibility that Spencer will not drive for Travis Carter next year as well. The pressure on the Smoking Joe’s image is said to be the problem with Camel in NASCAR. They are expected to bow to the pressure.(4-25-97)
  • As for Brett Bodine’s money woes, my sources with Catalyst Communications and Frontier (who put the Close Call deal together) can’t find any information either way(4-25-97)

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