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Friday, May 10, 2024
Darlington Raceway
Time: 7:30pm/et
Radio: MRN, Sirius XM NASCAR
Stages: 45/90/147

After a rain delay lasting over two hours and a finish that ran into overtime, #45-Ross Chastain won the Buckle Up South Carolina 200 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Darlington Raceway on Friday night. The win was his first of the season, first at Darlington, and the fifth Truck Series win of his career.
Chastain was running over five seconds behind #98-Ty Majeski on lap 143 of the scheduled 147 laps when a caution flag waved. Many trucks, including the two leaders, pit. Majeski maintained the lead for the restart, but had a slow jump and Chastain took over the position. While Chastain drove off, Majeski slipped in the running order.
#2-Nick Sanchez won the pole, but started at the rear of the field for unapproved adjustments. He finished second. #99-Ben Rhodes, #19-Christian Eckes, #98-Majeski, #77-Chase Purdy, #1-Colby Howard, #17-Tylor Gray, #25-Ty Dillon, and #15-Tanner Gray were the top-10.
#11-Corey Heim won stages one and two and led a race high 77 laps. Following the restart for the start of stage three on lap 99, #5-Dean Thompson broke lose and got into Heim. The trucks of #88-Matt Crafton, #91-Jack Wood, #71-Rajah Caruth were collected in the melee.
There were 12 lead changes among six drivers and seven cautions for 37 yellow flag laps.
#7-Kyle Busch brought out the first caution on lap 2, and another on lap 12. A cut tire sent him hard into the outside wall, ending his night. It was the first time Busch had event finished last in a Truck Series race.
The average speed of the race was: 101.983mph.
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Race Fast Facts – Darlington
Ross Chastain(i) won the Buckle Up South Carolina 200, his fifth victory in 109 CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races.
This is his first victory and second top-10 finish in 2024.
This is his first victory and first top-10 finish in three races at Darlington Raceway.
Nick Sanchez (second) posted his first top-10 finish in two races at Darlington Raceway. It is his sixth top-10 finish in 2024.
Ben Rhodes (third) posted his third top-10 finish in six races at Darlington Raceway.
Thad Moffitt (18th) was the highest finishing rookie.
Christian Eckes leads the point standings by 14 points over Corey Heim.

Truck Series Driver Point Standings after Darlington:
1) #19-Christian Eckes, 2 wins
2) #11-Corey Heim, 2 wins
3) #2-Nick Sanchez, 1 win
4) #71-Rajah Caruth, 1 win
5) #98-Ty Majeski, 326, +106
6) #17-Taylor Gray, 297, +77
7) #18-Tyler Ankrum, 275, +55
8) #88-Matt Crafton, 233, +13
9) #15-Tanner Gray, 228, +8
10) #99-Ben Rhodes, 225, +5
Outside of the playoffs:
11)#9-Grant Enfinger, 220, -5
12) #43-Daniel Dye, 205, -20
13) #52-Stewart Friesen, 187, -38
See the Driver Point Standings, Owner Point Standings

Paint Schemes

Race Updates:
Lap 150: Chastain with the win over Sanchez, Rhodes, Eckes, Majeski, Purdy, Howard, Taylor Gray, Dillon and Tanner Gray the top-10.
Lap 149: Sanchez trying to reel in Chastain on the last lap.
Lap 148: Overtime restart. Chastain gets the lead. Rough restart for Majeski. Contact between Majeski and Howard.
Lap 147: Majeski takes the outside. Chastain inside. Garcia will line up behind Majeski for the restart.
Lap 144: Leaders Majeski and Chastain pit. Majeski fastest off. 98 45 13 1 17 for the restart. Going into overtime.
Lap 142: Wood wrecks with heavy damage. Majeski’s 5-second lead gone. 5 laps remain.
Lap 139: Majeski has a 5-second lead over Chastain. Garcia, Eckes, Dillon the top-5. Dillon now has a tearoff on his grill. Visibly overheating. Rhodes and Howard have just driven by him.
Lap 127: 20 to go. Enfinger has to pit from third. Debris/ a tearoff on his grill, overheating. Will also take tires. Majeski leads Chastain, Eckes.
Lap 122: 25 to go. Majeski, Enfinger, Chastain, Eckes, Garcia, Dillon, Rhodes, Howard, Currey and Sanchez
Lap 118: Majeski has closed in on Eckes and made a move – contact between the two as Majeski gets position. Enfinger also gets position over Eckes.
Lap 106: Restart. Majeski on the outside. Eckes (defending winner) gets the lead.
Lap 98: Caution. Big wreck. Many heavily damaged trucks including Heim, who dominated the race. Crafton, Caruth, Riggs, Wood collected. Thompson broke lose in the low lane and drove up into Heim.
Lap 97: Restart Enfinger has a horrible restart and Majeski takes off with the lead.
Lap 93: Pitstops. Enfinger and Majeski beat Heim on the exit.
Lap 90: Heim wins stage 2 with Caruth taking second from Eckes heading to the green checkered flag. Majeski, Enfinger, Crafton, Riggs, Chastain, Taylor Gray and Garcia.
Lap 76: Trying to get back through the field after the green flag stop, Taylor Gray and Tyler Ankrum make contact after pole-sitter Nick Sanchez gets into Gray during a 3-wide battle. Ankrum drops to pit on lap 77 for damage and a flat left front.
Lap 67: Caution for a spin by Boyd. Leader Gray pits for concerns of a left front tire rub issue. A few others also pit. Heim back to the lead over Eckes and Majeski.
Lap 58: Heim chasing Gray for the lead.
Lap 53: Restart as Gray leads on the outside
Lap 48: Under pitstops, Taylor Gray beats Heim out. Majeski, Eckes, Riggs follow
Lap 45: Heim wins the stage over Eckes, Majeski, TaylorGray, Riggs, Chastain, Thompson, Rhodes, Friesen and Enfinger.
Lap 37 out of 45 in stage 1- Dye has to pit under green for a flat after contact with Enfinger.Heim maintains the lead over Eckes.
Lap 22: Halfway through stage 1. Heim, Eckes, Gray, Riggs, Chastain.
Lap 12: 2nd caution, 2nd issue for Busch. Cuts a tire and goes up into the wall. Heavy damage to the right side. Heim leads over Taylor Gray, Eckes, Chastain and Riggs.
Lap 6: Heim leads them back to green.
Lap 3: Caution – Busch gets lose to the inside of Heim and spins down track, making slight contact with the inside wall. Heim leads Chastain.
10:07: Green flag in Darlington.
Pole-sitter Sanchez is one of two trucks to drop to the rear for unapproved adjustments on a right rear hub.
9:05pm/et: Updates on tonight’s start.
Invocation: 9:45
National Anthem: 9:46
Command: 9:53
Green Flag: 10:03pm/et
8:00pm/et: The Truck race is currently under a hold due to rain at Darlington.

Trucks to the rear: #2-Sanchez, #71-Caruth(unapproved adjustments)

Pitstall Selections

#2-Nick Sanchez won the pole for the Buckle Up South Carolina 200 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Darlington Raceway with a speed of167.905mph for his second pole of the season, first at Darlington, and the seventh pole of his career.
#11-Corey Heim will start second, followed by #17-Taylor Gray, #7-Kyle Busch, #15-Tanner Gray, #45-Ross Chastain, #19-Christian Eckes, #38-Layne Riggs, #9-Grant Enfinger, and #43-Daniel Dye in the top-10.
Did not qualify: none.
See the complete Buckle Up South Carolina 200 Starting Lineup and check out the complete Qualifying Results.

Qualifying Fast Facts – Darlington:
Nick Sanchez won the Pole Award for the Buckle Up South Carolina 200 with a lap of 29.288 seconds, 167.905 mph.
This is his seventh pole in 32 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races.
This is his second pole and seventh top-10 start in 2024.
This is his first pole in two races at Darlington Raceway.
Corey Heim (second) posted his third top-10 start of 2024 and his third in four races at Darlington Raceway.
Taylor Gray (third) posted his first top-10 start at Darlington Raceway. It is his fourth in nine races this season.
Layne Riggs (eighth) was the fastest qualifying rookie.

Crew Rosters

Qualifying Order

Practice for Buckle Up South Carolina 200 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Darlington Raceway is over; the top-five, slowest and notes:
#19-Eckes 166.473
#15-Gray 164.981
#9-Enfinger 164.501
#43-Dye 163.816
#38-Riggs 163.468
Slowest: #46- Moffitt, 151.115
Most laps run: #18-Ankrum 28
See complete results on the Practice speeds page.(5-10-2024)

Announced Throwback Paint Schemes

The entry list for the Buckle Up South Carolina 200 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Darlington Raceway has been released. There are 32 drivers/teams for 36 spots. Some notes: #1-Colby Howard, #7-Kyle Busch, #45-Ross Chastain, #66-Connor Jones, #91-Jack Wood. See the complete Buckle Up South Carolina 200 entry list.

Goodyear Tire Notes

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